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El Paso Water Parks
About El Paso Water Parks

Park Hours

Open Daily
May 25 – July 28

Open Weekends
July 29 – September 2

What P2:3 Did For El Paso Water Parks
In February of 2021, the City of El Paso approached P2:3 Consulting, led by Johnny
Blevins, with a challenging yet exciting proposition: to open four newly built waterparks by
the upcoming summer. Understanding the tight timeline and the enormity of the task at
hand, P2:3 Consulting accepted the challenge, showcasing their unparalleled expertise and
commitment to the waterpark industry.

Under Johnny Blevins’ leadership, P2:3 Consulting immediately set into motion a
comprehensive plan to meet the city’s ambitious goals. One of the first steps was to recruit
a capable team, which involved hiring and training both full-time and seasonal staff. This
process was crucial, as the success of the waterparks depended significantly on the quality
and readiness of the personnel in charge of operations, safety, and guest services.

Despite the tight timeline, P2:3 Consulting’s strategic approach to project
management, staff recruitment, and training ensured that all four waterpark locations were
ready to open their doors to the public by the summer. This feat was a testament to P2:3
Consulting’s effective planning, execution, and dedication to meeting their client’s needs
within the specified timeframe.

The opening of these waterparks not only marked a significant achievement for the
City of El Paso but also for Johnny Blevins and P2:3 Consulting, demonstrating their ability
to handle high-pressure projects and deliver results that exceed expectations. The
successful launch of the waterparks provided the community with much-needed
recreational spaces, contributing to the city’s appeal as a destination for families and
tourists alike.

This project’s success further solidified Johnny Blevins and P2:3 Consulting’s
reputation in the waterpark industry as reliable, efficient, and capable of tackling
large-scale projects under tight deadlines. The ability to open all four locations by summer,
complete with fully trained staff, showcased their industry expertise and commitment to
enhancing community and recreational services.

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