Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”

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Our team at Philippians 2:3 Consulting works hard to understand what our clients are looking for. We then provide solutions based on experience and financial responsibility with a partnership mentality.


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Design Consulting

Designing a new waterpark or attraction without the input of a professional that operates parks for a living, would be like a Texan trying to build an igloo… all theory and no experience!

Engineers and architects are incredible and necessary.  A little extra curve in your new lazy river or placing the children’s play structure in the wrong location could add operational nightmares and significantly increase labor costs for the life of your park.

We have designed and built many new facilities and attractions, as well as helped existing facilities overcome challenges that arise from less than perfect plans.  Let us see how we can help shorten your road to success.

Increasing Attendance

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes or a new idea is all it takes to springboard a mediocre season into a phenomenal season.

Staff Training

Your facility will only be as good as the team you have leading.  We believe in servant leadership. This means showing our team how the job should be done, working with them to understand their role, and being there to help their continued growth. “Sink or Swim” brings everyone down… especially in the waterpark industry.

If you would like our team to help create or improve your training process, meet with your leadership team, and/or discuss opportunities/challenges, click here and shoot us a note.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and develop a plan that will help renew a fresh spirit in your seasonal or year-round team.

Success is waiting, don’t let it wait on you!

Team Building

All teams need time to regroup, refocus and reconnect.  Whether you’re a small business with a few employees or a large corporation; everyone can benefit from focusing on their strengths, building on opportunities, and leaning on each other.

Our team would love to create a 1 or 2 day, team building focus group that will fit your needs.  Click here and tell us a little about your team and let us customize and lead a day for you.


Sometimes just a new look or updated theme will make all the difference in your guests’ experience.  This can mean increased visits and revenue for your facility.  If our team can help add some POP to your park, we would love to visit with you and explore your vision or provide a fresh idea for your consideration.

We can also refresh and update your current facility to bring new excitement back to a “tired” look. Money-saving ideas and high-impact results will create a facility people will look forward to visiting again next year.

Partnership/Sponsorship Expertise

We have a desire and ability to assist in building partnerships that benefit everyone involved.  Johnny has built and directed marketing programs for multiple industries, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups.  Visit with us and let us see how we can utilize your facility to provide a valuable marketing tool for others in your area.


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Research & Planning

Before beginning your new waterpark venture, take time to visit with someone about the following: your plan options, potential costs, state/local codes, staffing requirements, ride mix, etc.  There are so many elements to consider, and it will save time and money to talk to someone who has been there… multiple times.

Proverbs 15:22 “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed.”

Design - Construct

Once your basic vision and plan are established, our team can work with our designers and engineers – or one you prefer – to layout a proper sized and fitting design for your facility.  Taking into account the expected guest traffic flow, staff areas, and restroom/food locations are all points that will increase the ease of operation for years to come.

We can also work with your construction team to help locate and secure a qualified general contractor or potentially serve as a general contractor, working with local trades to facilitate the building or remodel of your new vision.

Operations & Growth

If you currently own or manage a waterpark facility and would like to discuss opportunities for P2:3 Management Consulting, full operation, or just an “emergency hotline” to help handle unexpected items or challenges, we would love to visit with you.  Click this link and tell us a little about what you need so we can develop a plan to help make your operation smoother, more profitable, and remove some of your stress.

Waterparks should be fun, even for you, the owner/operator.


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